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Versatile. Tasteful. Effortless.


Your new wall planters will look gorgeous anywhere around your home. Hang them separately or in groups. And move them around with ease. Perfect for small outdoor living areas, your new designer walls will add a lively, lush feel to your home in no time.

Easy to install and care for
Units are designed for quick and easy ‘do-it-yourself’ installation. You certainly don’t have to be an expert gardener or interior designer to make an impact. Simply tilt the unit upright and attach it to any sound, vertical surface using the bracket included with your kit. Once your unit is mounted, fill it with your favourite plants (from your local nursery) by following the kit’s simple instructions. It really is that easy.

You then water your plants manually or through your built-in drip line system. Water enters through the top watering chamber and spreads evenly across the moisture mat.

Unleash the artist from within
Why spend a fortune on fancy landscape gardening when you can do it yourself? If you’ve always loved home design and planning, then get ready to be inspired. You can create a gorgeous living canvas all on your own – and enjoy the artistic freedom that comes with it. With so many plants and potential locations to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Support and advice when you need it
If you can’t find the perfect place to hang your units, or you’re not quite sure which plants to choose, the team at Luscious Living Spaces would love to help. We’re here to inspire you with fresh ideas and guide you through the process.

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