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Pre-planted LushWall Pods - 20 Pack

Pre-planted LushWall Pods - 20 Pack

NOW AVAILABLE - Covers 1 square metre of wall space

Let us create a gorgeous living wall for you! 

Simply choose your plant collection and we will design, plant and deliver a living wall directly to your home or business ready for installation*. You will receive a fully planted and mature living wall!

We require 7 weeks lead time to design and produce your living wall after payment has been received. This includes a design consultation, planting plan and progressive photos of living wall!

What's included:

  A choice of plant collections professionally designed based on wall position and               aesthetics 
  20 LushWALL Pods with one lush plant in each - this will cover 1 square metre of wall         space. Planting density can be altered by vertical and horizontal spacing.
  LushWall Pod installation Guide

Our LushW A L L pods are pre-planted and grown off-site in a nursery for a minimum of 6 weeks. The plants to grown under ideal conditions to maximum their growth potential and ensure they receive utmost care until they become established in the LushWall pod. This process allows us to offer the greatest resilience and long-term sustainability. Your living wall with thrive for years to come!

The main feature of this system is the LushWALL Pod. The LushWALL Pod is a slimline box-type plant container made from recycled Polypropylene. Each Pod measures 20cm L x 20cm W x 17cm D. The LushWALL Pod is simply hooked directly on steel mesh or reo and mounted to any flat, vertical building surface. 

You can hang one by itself or seamlessly combine the pods for a living wall as big as you'd like! You can position them close together to form a dense lushes wall of greenery or space them out for a fresh and minimalist design!

You can put one LushWALL Pod directly over top of another and the water will flow from one pod to the next to make watering easy. You may hand water from the top and the water will slowly drip through the system from the top LushWALL Pod to the next until the entire vertical garden is watered. Optionally you may hook up an automatic watering system with a drip line. 

They are suitable for long-term, durable residential living wall projects.

Plant Collections Available:
  • Breath of Fresh Air - create a refreshing, relaxing and restful ambiance in any space (Suitable for shaded or indoor position)
  • Tropical Oasis - bring a touch of tropical oasis to your space (Suitable for bright position without direct sun)
  • Edible Cottage Garden harvest fresh herbs and edible flowers from your wall (Suitable for full sun position)
  • Urban Edge - add a lush, contemporary style to your space (Suitable for partial sun position)
Please note:  We do not provide materials to mount your LushWall Pods. We recommend using steel mesh with hooks or screws which are available from Bunnings or any hardware store.  Connection of irrigation and installation of water reservoir at the bottom of your living wall is optional. All living walls come with detailed instruction for installation.

Due to the size and weight of these living walls, our checkout system is unable to calculate shipping cost. Please place your order via checkout and select 'PAY LATER' option. We will contact you within the next 24 business hours with a shipping quote. Alternatively, you may send us an email directly to [email protected] for a shipping quote.

* Delivery of our pre-planted living walls is currently only available to Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.


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