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Insta LushWall Pod - 15 Pack

Insta LushWall Pod - 15 Pack

NEW! Multi hanging options available! Due to arrive in September 2017!

The Insta LushW A L L pod is a compact and versatile vertical garden system!  It can be easily fixed to your wall with screws or hung directly on steel mesh - multi hanging options!  This system is a creative way to grow plants vertically.  They are suitable for long-term, durable residential living wall projects.

This pack consist of 15 Insta LushWALL Pods.

Volume per Pod: 3000ml
Overall Pod Dimensions: 18cm L x 15cm W x 12.4cm D
Empty weight: 0.3kg
Material: 100% Recyclable Black plastic
Coverage: 0.6 - 0.8 m2 of wall space

Insta LushW A L L

The main feature of this system is the Insta LushWALL Pod. The LushWALL Pod is a slimline plant container made from recycled Polypropylene. It is designed with a 120mm depth which gives plenty of planting space for an increased variety of plants - including edible plants, native or exotic. The Insta LushWALL Pod is simply hooked directly on steel mesh and mounted to any flat, vertical building surface. You can screw one by itself or seamlessly combine the pods for a living wall as big as you'd like! 

Benefits & Features 

  Multiple mounting options to suit your project - affix pod directly to wall with screws or hang on steel mesh
  Suitable for wide variety plants and different planting media 
  Water flows from the top LushWALL Pod into the underlying LushWALL Pod or to a drain 
  Planting density can be altered by vertical and horizontal spacing 
  Irrigation pipes can be concealed neatly between and towards the rear of the LushWALL Pods

For a dense and lush vertical garden, a total of 15 Multi LushWALL Pods is required to cover 0.6m2 of wall space. 

You can put one Insta LushWALL Pod directly over top of another and the water will flow from one pod to the next to make watering easy. You may hand water from the top and the water will slowly drip through the system from the top LushWALL Pod to the next until the entire vertical garden is watered. Optionally you may hook up an automatic watering system with a drip-line. 

Simply populate the each Insta LushWALL Pod with a 14cm pot plant purchased at your local nursery. 

They look amazing individually or hung in groups! You can position them close together to form a dense lushes wall of greenery or space them out for a fresh and minimalist design! 

Note: No plants included.



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